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Creator and Host of the Ancient Art Podcast
Art Museum Educator
Curator of Experimental Libations, Morgue Brewing
Board of Directors, Chicago Brewseum
Curriculum Vitae

Empowering others to embrace the power of art, Lucas Livingston is a 20 year career expert in museum learning, art history, creative aging, nonprofit administration, and disability activism with the Art Institute of Chicago.

He is the creator and host of the Ancient Art Podcast, which he started in 2006. His primary scholarly areas of concentration include Egypt, Classical Civilization, and Asia with particular emphases on the visual arts and drinking culture. He is also a specialist in museum learning theory, program management, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Years ago, in an effort not to be the first one voted off the island, Lucas began brewing beer inspired by historic recipes, narratives, and traditions (strictly for research). He has spoken on the history of beer and wine at Goose Island Brewpub, Chicago Brewseum, Oriental Institute, Art Institute of Chicago, New York University, Field Museum of Natural History, and the Society for Creative Anachronism. You can read all about his exploits as curator of experimental libations at Morgue Brewing.

His secret crime-fighting alter ego is a computer geek while moonlighting as tech support for friends and family. Lastly, he once found himself having accidentally started a collection of hairless pets, which he sometimes regretted, but would always come around.

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