Photo Gallery — Episode 54, Krampus the Christmas Devil




Photo credits:

  1. 1."At the end of the parade." Photo by elisabetta2005.

  2. 2.Krampuses on fire. Photo by leo.laempel.

  3. 3.Devil's Playground. Photo by Andreas Schalber.

  4. 4.Krampuslauf 110. Photo by geek7.

  5. 5.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  6. 6.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  7. 7.Kirchberger Perchtenlauf. Photo by PsychoScheiko.

  8. 8.Hexentanz 2008, Reith, Tirol, Austria. Photo by Weiko.

  9. 9.Lieserhofner Krampuslauf. Photo by patze001.

  10. 10.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  11. 11.Moonrise in the Alps. Photo by herbraab.

  12. 12.Krampuslauf 137. Photo by geek7.

  13. 13.Perchetenlauf 06. Photo by geek7.

  14. 14.Perenoel, 1875.

  15. 15.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  16. 16.Red Kangaroo, photo taken at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo, Australia. Photo by Keith Edkins.

  17. 17.Map of countries in Europe and the surrounding region. Image by San Jose & Hayden120.

  18. 18.And on the 7th day, God created Austrian folk music. Photo by girl_onthe_les.

  19. 19.Perchetenlauf 53. Photo by geek7.

  20. 20.St. Nicholas Day 2009 - St. Mary's Cathedral - 4. Photo by Mary Constance, St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Memphis.

  21. 21.Niklaus. Photo by Hanna Alicé.

  22. 22.Christmas Stockings. Photo by Lucas Livingston, 24 December, 2009.

  23. 23.Anthracite coal. Image altered by Lucas Livingston, 29 November, 2012. &

  24. 24.Krampus-Claus. Photo by Der_Krampus.

  25. 25.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  26. 26.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  27. 27.Photo by wege7.

  28. 28.Perchetenlauf 25. Photo by geek7.

  29. 29.Perchetenlauf 16. Photo by geek7.

  30. 30.Weihnachtsmarkt Salzburg. Photo by NiceBastard.

  31. 31.Vintage Krampuses. Photo by burnlab.

  32. 32.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  33. 33.Niklaus and companions. Photo by wege7.

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  36. 36.Nikolaus with Knecht Ruprecht. Photo by Albärt.

  37. 37.Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht. Photo by Allie_Caulfield.

  38. 38.Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet (Black Peter). Photo by hans s.

  39. 39.Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. Photo by Michell Zappa.

  40. 40.Zwarte Piet in a window display for the V&D in Den Haag. Photo by celesteh.

  41. 41.Krampus Transformation 1/4.

  42. 42.Krampus Transformation 2/4. Photo by loop_1.

  43. 43.Saint Nicholas "Lipensky" (Russian icon from Lipnya Church of St. Nicholas in Novgorod), 1294.

  44. 44.Krampus and Friends. Photo by goodiesfirst.

  45. 45.Sinterklaas. Photo by klachak.

  46. 46.Santa riding the Yule Goat.

  47. 47.John Bauer (1882-1918), Julbocken, 1912, 34.7 x 20 cm.

  48. 48.Gävle Goat (southern merchants goat). Photo by misterbisson.

  49. 49.Lo-Mob Julbocken III. Photo by plastAnka.

  50. 50.Gävle Goat (natural science club goat), burned, 2006. Photo by misterbisson.

  51. 51.Julbock gransmycke. Photo by Udo Schröter.

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  59. 59.Vintage Christmas Postcard - Krampus and Saint Nick. Photo by riptheskull.

  60. 60.Traditional Krampus procession in Tarvisio. Photo by Giulio GMDB.

  61. 61.Photo by wege7.

  62. 62.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  63. 63.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  64. 64.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  65. 65.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  66. 66.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  67. 67.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  68. 68.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  69. 69.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  70. 70.Christkindlmarket Chicago. Photo by Lucas Livingston, 26 November, 2012.

  71. 71.Christkindlmarket Chicago. Photo by Lucas Livingston, 26 November, 2012.

  72. 72.Christkindlmarket Chicago. Photo by Lucas Livingston, 26 November, 2012.

  73. 73.Krampus costumes. Photo by wege7.

  74. 74.Krampuslauf, Klagenfurt. Photo by Vincenzo Caico.

  75. 75.Krampus parade, Tarvisio. Photo by elisabetta2005.

  76. 76.Krampus. Photo by wege7.

  77. 77.Krampus. Photo by pixel0908.

  78. 78. Accessed 30 November, 2012.

  79. 79. Accessed 30 November, 2012.

  80. 80.Krampus I. Photo by leo.laempel.

  81. 81.Krampuslauf Kärnten. Photo by pixel0908.

  82. 82.…Whip You… Photo by HERRUWE.

  83. 83.Perchetenlauf 11. Photo by geek7.

  84. 84.Krampuslauf Klagenfurt. Photo by gholzer.

  85. 85.Vintage Krampus Greeting. Photo by riptheskull.

  86. 86.Vintage Krampus Greeting. Photo by riptheskull.

  87. 87.Vintage Krampus Greeting. Photo by riptheskull.

  88. 88.Photo in the Public Domain. Courtesy of

  89. 89.Krampuslauf Klagenfurt. Photo by pixel0908.

  90. 90.Kirchberger Perchtenlauf. Photo by PsychoScheiko.

  91. 91.Kirchberger Perchtenlauf. Photo by PsychoScheiko.

  92. 92.Kirchberger Perchtenlauf. Photo by PsychoScheiko.