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Enjoy this accompanying information to the Ancient Art Podcast. Here we examine the podcast topics in greater detail, host many of the images used in the podcast, and offer additional outside resources for further exploration. Search the blog and transcripts using the search box above. Subscribe to the blog and transcripts with the following RSS feed link, so you’ll have instant access the moment a new transcript appears online. Please also feel free to leave your comments on YouTube & iTunes.

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[ Photo Galleries of Travel Abroad ]

  1. Greece & Turkey

  2. - View the gallery

  3. - View photos on a map

  4. - Download file to open in Google Earth

  1. Egypt & Jordan

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Egypt, Greece, and more...


[ Podcast Photo Galleries ]

Access a photo gallery from its respective episode page. Return to the homepage and click on an episode to see its photo gallery.

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[ Ancient Greek Games ]

  1. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Interactive Tour: Greek Athletes

  2. The Ancient Olympics: A Special Exhibition of the Perseus Digital Library Project

  3. Penn Museum: The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games


[ Links to Other Resources ]

  1. Egypt’s Black Pharaohs

  2. Curious Corner

  3. Faces, Places, and Inner Spaces

  4. Jitish Kallat’s Public Notice 3

  5. Speech by Swami Vivekananda at World’s Parliament of Religions, Chicago, 1893

  6. Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to Art of the Ancient World

  7. The Making of Okura Jiro's Mountain Lake Tachi Screen Series

  8. Pharaohs of the Sun: Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen

  9.   Ancient Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

  10. Art Institute of Chicago Musecast

  11. Theban Mapping Project

  12. Perseus Project

  13. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

  14. Metropolitan Museum of Art

  15. Silk Road and Beyond

  16. More Cicada Resources

  17. More Parthenon and Persepolis Resources

  18. Ellsworth Kelly at the Art Institute of Chicago

  19. The Color of Life: Polychromy in Sculpture from Antiquity to the Present

  20. Gods in Color: Painted Sculpture of Classical Antiquity   [Gallery Guide]

  21. Hindu Eye-Opening Ceremony

  22. 3D Interactive Animation of the Tomb of Nebamun, British Museum


[ Notable British Museum Treasures ]

  1. The Lycurgus Cup

  2. The Projecta Casket

  3. The Muse Casket

  4. The Lampsacus Spoons

  5. Medallion with Married Couple & Hercules

  6. Medallion with Married Couple & Christ

  7. Tyche of Rome

  8. Tyche of Constantinople

  9. Tyche of Alexandria

  10. Tyche of Antioch


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Sotheby’s Private View


To Live Forever: Art and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt


---- [ History & Society ]

Heat & There

Audio Magazine


NPR Wait Wait ... Don’t Tell Me!


12 Byzantine Rulers


History of Rome


Midwest Buddhist Temple’s dharma talks


President Obama’s Weekly Radio Address


Planet Green Podcast


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NPR Science Friday


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Scientific American


SETI Institute: Are We Alone?




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