Dogfish Head Theobroma, Mayan & Aztec Cacao Beer

After a couple months of it tempting me in the fridge, I finally cracked open my bottle of Dogfish Head Theobroma. This is an ancient-inspired beer with a kick.

From the bottle:

Theobroma, or “Food of the Gods,” is a recreation of the premiere chocolate beverage of the Americas, intended only for the gods, kings, and the elite. This liquid time capsule is based on the earliest chemical and archaeological evidence of cacao in the New World, daring to before 1100 B. C., and enhanced by natural additives of the later Mayan and Aztec drinks.

Brewed with honey, cacao nibs, cacao powder, ancho chilies, and ground annatto.

It had a potent chocolate malt flavor with a wisp of chili burn afterwards. Solid mouthfeel. A little syrupy.


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