Ancient Egyptian Beer and Wine

I recently published a couple episodes of my Ancient Art Podcast exploring beer and wine in Ancient Egypt. While my Homebrew Blog resides in the same household as my Ancient Art Podcast, I nonetheless feel inclined to mention those episodes here. Check ’em out: Beer in Ancient Egypt Wine in Ancient Egypt

Tilted Jaw IPA, 1st attempt (batch 4)

So, in our homebrewing “fantasy league,” the wife and I came up with a bunch of names for our craft brews … mostly named after the pets or inspired by ancient culture.

Batch 1: American Cream Ale

Massive success! Despite periods of worry, hand-wringing, incessant laments, batch #1 has proven to taste like … beer! And a fine one, at that. Frankly, my lifelong habit for setting my expectations low might have had something to do with it, but I wholeheartedly endorse this manner.