Good Beer at 30 cents a bottle

They say you don’t get in to homebrewing to save money on beer, but it’s totally possible. Let’s call that a bonus feature. Even expensive homebrew comes out to a little over $1.00 per bottle. Typical craft beer in the store will cost you around $8-$12 for a six pack. That’s $1.33-$2 per bottle. As…

IPA Honey Oat Homebrewed Beer Grain Bread

Throwing out those precious beer grains after barely steeping them in hot water for 20 minutes seems like such a waste and tears at my environmentalist heartstrings. So, as with many environmentally conscious brewers, I’ve taken to re-purposing those “spent grains” in various ways.

Tilted Jaw IPA, 1st attempt (batch 4)

So, in our homebrewing “fantasy league,” the wife and I came up with a bunch of names for our craft brews … mostly named after the pets or inspired by ancient culture.