Tilted Jaw IPA, 1st attempt (batch 4)

So, in our homebrewing “fantasy league,” the wife and I came up with a bunch of names for our craft brews … mostly named after the pets or inspired by ancient culture.

Batch 3: Scottish Ale with a Twist

This impulsiveness that resulted in the Ungeheuer that is my Full Moon Half-Caf IPA produced something of an inundation of intense coffee flavor that drowned out the glorious hops I hoped to love in the pale ale. Scottish Ale unboxing porn Not wanting to make a similar mistake on batch 3, but still wanting to…

Full Moon Half-Caf IPA (batch 2)

Started my second batch on June 3, 2012. I went with the Brewer’s Best India Pale Ale ingredient kit this time, IPA generally being my and my wife’s favorite style. Some unknown spirit must have possessed me at the final moment of brewing, because I felt the urge to add coffee into the mix.