Krampuslauf: Ein Holiday Ale Mit Horns

An annual Christmastime tradition in my Germanic household is the brewing of Glühwein, an alcoholic beverage of hot red wine spiced with clove, star anise, cinnamon, orange, and plenty of sugar. Mulled wine is a popular Yuletide drink with many European cultures, like Sweden’s glögg and the Netherlands’ bisschopswijn. Fun fact: hot spiced wine is…

Ancient Egyptian Beer and Wine

I recently published a couple episodes of my Ancient Art Podcast exploring beer and wine in Ancient Egypt. While my Homebrew Blog resides in the same household as my Ancient Art Podcast, I nonetheless feel inclined to mention those episodes here. Check ’em out: Beer in Ancient Egypt Wine in Ancient Egypt

Let the Games Begin!

A few weeks ago, after considerable deliberation and research, I finally took the plunge into the fabulous world of home brewing. A few minutes ago, I after much angst and low-set expectations, I finally cracked open my first bottle of home brew … and it tastes brilliant!