After ten years of fasted hands with the love of my life, I felt a bold beer was in order. For someone who’s more of a session brewer, I think this is the biggest, boldest beer I’ve brewed to date. And one needn’t wonder further why I married the woman, because when I asked her what beer I should brew for our tenth anniversary, she asked for a double IPA. With IBU’s off the chart from a myriad of hops, ‘Til Un-Death rocks the house. And to top it off, it’s the beer that christens our new keezer (still in progress).

Keezer still under construction

As for the label art, this woodblock print has graced the wall of our bedchamber since the date of our matrimony. Capturing the day of our marriage on Dias de los Muertos, this image of necromantic nuptials is the perfect effigy of ten years of marital bliss and effort. The “Earth Dragon Suite” from the 2007 ofrenda installation Cuentos y Memoria by Ramiro Rodriguez at my alma mater Notre Dame’s Snite Museum of Art.

Earth Dragon Suite in Cuentos y Memoria by Ramiro Rodriguez at Snite Museum 2007
Cuentos y Memoria by Ramiro Rodriguez, 2007

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