Tilted Jaw IPA, 3rd time’s the charm

Tilted Jaw Beer LabelAfter a hiatus of many moons, Morgue Brewing (i.e. me) is back in the saddle! Kicking things off with my signature IPA, Tilted Jaw. Who’d-a-thunk a move and a baby would consume so much time (besides everyone, lol!), but the family is more or less settled and the brewery has some nice new digs.

I’m obsessed with the delicious resiny aroma of Chinook hops and decided to brew this batch as a sort of SMASH (single malt and single hops, a technique I learned from episode 51 of the BeerSmith podcast), albeit still an extract brew.

Massively hopped with all Chinook, this batch certainly tilts my jaw! Frankly, it turned out a little TOO bitter, if you can imagine such a thing. Since the majority of our sense of taste is actually aroma, next time I might honestly even skip the bittering stage and add mostly aroma hops (boiled for a short period) and a dry hop. Or maybe only 1/2 ounce at 60 minutes. This is another idea I learned from the BeerSmith podcast, although the episode number escapes me. Maybe #67: Hop Techniques for Beer with Gordon Strong

Brew Day: Monday 12/23/2013

All chinook hops. 13% alpha acid
60 min. 2 oz
30 min. 1 oz
15 min. 1 oz
3 min. 1 oz
1lb Caramel 20L
0.5 lb 2 Row toasted in toaster oven (but I don’t think it was long enough to make a difference)
3lb DME Plain Extra Light
3lb DME Plain Amber
Irish Moss a bit late: 1tsp at 4 min (way too much; what was I thinking? Killed the head on the finished product.)

OG 1.060 at 100F, remeasured 1.064 at 80F
Adjusted Reading: 1.066 SG at 60F — thanks BeerSmith! Sure, I could’a done the calculation by hand if I wanted to. :p

12/31/13, racked to secondary fermenter
1/1/14, dry hopped 1oz Chinook & re-racked to carboy because of leaky spigot.

Bottling Day: 1/18/2014
FG 1.016 at 74F
Adjusted Reading: 1.018 SG at 60F
6.3% ABV

A little Tilted Jaw “fan art” I created on my iPhone using a few apps: Fotor, PerfectPhoto, & Decim8:


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