Ancient Egyptian Michael Jackson Look-alike

Ancient Egyptian Michael Jackson Look-alike:

All links last retrieved on August 30, 2009.

Online media coverage:

“Egyptian statue ‘looks like Jackson.’” Yahoo News 2009-8-8.

Gilmer, Marcus. “Michael Jackson = Ancient Egyptian?.” 2009-8-5.

“Egyptian Statue Looks Just Like Michael Jackson!” Media Outrage. 2009-8-6.

Sneed, Michael. “Did Michael Jackson model face after Egyptian bust?” Chicago Sun Times. 2009-8-5.

“Egyptian bust in Chicago museum bears eerie resemblance to Michael Jackson.” Chicago Sun Times. 2009-8-5.

Greiner, Andrew. “Busted: Statue’s a Dead Ringer for Jacko: Jackson-like bust gets attention at Field Museum.” NBC Chicago. 2009-8-5.

“The Top 3 Exhibits at Chicago’s Field Museum.”

“Egyptian Statue Totally Looks Like Michael Jackson.” 2009-6-2.

“Ancient Egyptian Woman or Michael Jackson?” by mandalariangirl. 2007-11-8. The flickr photo that started it all … or at least the one that’s referred to once or twice in the news.

Ancient Egyptian Michael Jackson. by Lucas Livingston. 2005-7-13. Flickr photos by yours truly, Lucas Livingston of the Ancient Art Podcast.

“The Pharaoh of Pop?” Discovery Channel. 2009-8-12.

“Statue Thrills Jackson Fans.” 2009-8-8.

Esaak, Shelley. “Statue of a Woman. Egyptian, New Kingdom, ca. 1550 B.C.-1070 B.C.” The only online article I could find (besides the Ancient Art Podcast) that actually has some intellectual information.

Other online articles related to Episode 23 “King Tut and Beyond”:

“Hawass says that Tutankhamun was not black.” 2007-9-26.

Yurco, Frank J. “Were the Ancient Egyptians Black or White?” BAR 15.5 (Sep/Oct) 1989.

(Full text available online here.)

YouTube and other related video media:

“Jackson’s Egyptian Statue Sings.” 2009-8-12. Silly parody on the Remember the Time video incorporating the Field Museum statue.

“Michael Jackson – Remember the Time.” 2008-3-24. Official Michael Jackson video for Remember the Time.

“Michael Jackson ~~ The Ancient Egyptian Statue.” 2009-8-6. Video from Field Museum galleries with spokesperson.

“Michael Jackson – The Pharaoh of Pop ???” 2009-8-7. Cool morphing faces.

“King Tut.” Saturday Night Live. Steve Martin’s classic 1970’s homage to the Egyptian boy king. Not YouTube, but it totally rocks.

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