Krampus videos and more!

To go along with episode 54 of the Ancient Art Podcast: Krampus the Christmas Devil. Here are some of the best Krampus videos on YouTube. Check back later for more goodies.

First, we must, of course, include the world’s most authoritative and investigative Krampus video on the Internet, by Lucas Livingston of the Ancient Art Podcast. 🙂


Krampuslauf Graz, the best Krampuslauf video I’ve found:


A gruesomely humorous Krampus carol:


Krampuslauf Klagenfurt with an awesome Iron Maiden soundtrack (a cover band):


A very abridged history of Krampus:


A hilariously awesome animated Krampus song:


A slightly less awesome but delightfully creepier Krampus song (I mean the singer’s creepy, not Krampus):


A happy, kid-friendly Krampuslauf … at first. Then Hell’s unleashed. Is that Rammstein? From tiny, little Arzl, Austria:


A decidedly kid-UNfriendly excerpt from the Venture Bros. Christmas Special with Krampus punishing the wicked [Boo, flash! Get with the program, Adult Swim!]:

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