Libations Video series

At this critical turning point in society — with the magnified intersections of health, psychological and physical well-being, and systemic violence, prejudice, and injustice — we are all the more committed to our communities.

This innovative, four-part, Zoom presentation series addresses the ceremonial and celebratory functions of beverages and drinking as well as the negative consequences of over consumption and addiction.

The Libations series was produced through the joint efforts of the Chicago Brewseum and the social service nonprofit Sacred Transformations and moderated by Lucas Livingston (creator and host of the Ancient Art Podcast and Chicago Brewseum Board of Directors).

In our first conversation of the Libations series, art therapist Eric Dean Spruth discusses the themes of The Libations Exhibition and explores how creating art has the power to heal, transform, and build community.
Lori Coppinger discusses the stigmas, treatments, and recovery processes surrounding substance abuse, addiction, and mental health conditions.
Join Lucas Livingston, beer and art historian and member of the Chicago Brewseum board of directors, for a lively exploration of alcohol’s magical transformative effects in antiquity and a conversation about the history and representation of libation offerings across cultures and history.
Rebecca Raspberry of Vibrations Health, Wellness Juice Bar & Cafe discusses how juicing fresh fruits and vegetables empowers the spirit, benefits the body and elevates one’s consciousness. She’ll share simple and practical advice and instructions for incorporating juicing into one’s daily life for optimal health benefits.

The Libations Exhibition

Presented in conjunction with The Libations Exhibition (August 2020) in Michigan City, Indiana, this series of talks compliments the exhibition which features over 60 works of art produced by a diverse body of artists throughout Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicagoland area. As beer is more than just a beverage that has the power to bring people together and the ability to make change, creating art has the power to heal, transform, and build community. We invite you to join us.

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