Ancient Art Podcast on Curious.comHi World. I’m excited to make a quick announcement. The Ancient Art Podcast and have teamed up to host episodes of the podcast at If you head on over to, you’ll find a growing catalog of Ancient Art Podcast episodes. Many of the lessons include multiple choice exercises and attachments or handouts, which teachers and students might find to be a welcome feature. And listen up, teachers! If you have suggestions for some great quiz questions to add, let me know at And you can also add comments to each lesson, which is a great way to interact with me and other viewers.

Some of the lessons are free, but some of them cost mere pocket change. For a limited time when you sign up at, you’ll get 20 free credits to spend on the site, so don’t wait!

Since October of 2006, the Ancient Art Podcast has been coming at you for free. Over the years, I’ve gotten lots of feedback from you all wondering how you could help support the podcast. Of course, simply helping to get the word out about the podcast is a great way to lend your support. But spending a little coin also helps me offset some of the costs associated with running the show.

To that end, if you head over to, you’ll now find a “Donate” button. This offers the flexibility to donate however much you feel the podcast has been worth to you. From time to time you might see a campaign that I’m running for the podcast to raise enough funds for a particular expense.

So check ’em both out. Visit and Thanks for tuning in and thanks for your support.

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