More Parthenon and Persepolis Resources


As mentioned in episode 10, I have a number of good resources to share on the Parthenon, her frieze, and Persepolis. Check these out…


The British Museum

• Galleries of the Parthenon Frieze,_18a,_18b_parthenon.aspx

• Cleaning of the Parthenon Sculptures in 1938

• What are the ‘Elgin Marbles’?

UNESCO World Heritage Centre — Acropolis, Athens

Lots of great images of the Parthenon Frieze and sculptures at

The Parthenon Frieze from the National Documentation Centre, Ministry of Culture, Greece.

Great introduction and history of the frieze, a stone-by-stone description with images, and a bibliography.

The Parthenon Frieze virtual tour with flashy graphics, Columbia University Visual Media Center

The Nashville Parthenon

Reconstruction drawing of the interior of the Parthenon showing the statue of Athena Parthenos


UNESCO World Heritage Centre — Persepolis

Oriental Institute Photographic Archives

• Persepolis and Ancient Iran — Catalog of Expedition Photographs©

• Persepolis Terrace: Architecture, Reliefs, and Finds


Relief panel from the Harpy Tomb, The British Museum

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